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Sonata n. 2 per 2 Oboi, Fagotto e Basso [ZWV 181/2]

The two sources of the Sonata  are: the autograph of a score ms. Mus. 2358-Q-1, RISM-A/II- 211010356, in­clu­ding six Sonatas ZWV 181, and a ms. of separate parts, partly autograph (the Violone part), revised by Zelenka himself. This second source, partly different from the autograph score, has been considered as the primary source, for its better readibility. The presumed date of the sources is 1721-22. Both manuscripts were digitized in the project „Instrumentalmusik der Dresdner Hofkapelle“, SLUB, Dresden.
Sample — 311x
Saturday, December 10, 2011
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