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Aria italiana "Se pensi cangiar quel core" [ZWV 176/1]

The main source of aria „Se pensi cangiar quel core“ is a ms. of the score collecting eight „Arie italiane“ ZWV 176 (Mus.2358-I-1, RISM ID no. 211010941) entitled: „Alcune Arie, | Cavata dalle diverse Opere, | posto in Musica | ed | Alle Loro Maeste Reali | di Polonia e Lituan etc: | Elet: di Sassonia [added by 2nd hand:] umillissimamente offerite | [by 1st hand:] da | Giovanni Disma Zelenka. | No: Io. | Anno 1733 a i 24 Ottob:”. A second ms. source regards only  the violin 2 and viola parts, (Mus. 2358-I-1a, RISM ID no. 211010950). Both manuscripts are online available at SLUB, Dresden.
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Monday, March 10, 2014
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