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Sammartini, Giuseppe (1695 - 1750)

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Source of Concerto Grosso in g minor no. VI, op. V is a printed edition of separate parts by I. Walsh, London, 1747, available at Internet Archive ( Caption title: “Concerti Grossi a due Violini, Viole, e Violoncello obligati con due altri Violini, e Basso di Ripieno ... Questi Concerti sono composti dalle Sonate a due Violini e Basso dell Opera III”.

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The main source is the manuscript of the score Mus. 2763-O-2,1, RISM ID no.: 212001365. Other two sources are available: a collection of separate parts (without the oboe part), Mus. 2763-O-2a, RISM ID no.: 212001364 and a second score, Mus.2763-O-2,2, RISM ID no.: 212001369. All sources are online available at Digitale Bibliothek, SLUB, Dresden.

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The source is the manuscript of the score present in the digital collection Utile Dulci, Musik-och teater-biblioteket, Stockholm. This concerto is written for Soprano recorder in C, and its part, written in B major while other parts are in F major, was transposed to F major. Actually, the player may read the original recorder part like playing with an Alto recorder in F.

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The source is the manuscript of the score Mus. 2763-O-5, Digitale Bibliothek, SLUB, Dresden.

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The source is the printed edition of Opera I by Giuseppe Sammartini, published in London, 1736. The copy has been published by Spes, Firenze, Archivum Musicum – Flauto traversiere, n. 27.

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The Concerto, dated between 1716 and 1730 and attributed to Giuseppe or Giovambattista Sammartini, is referred as GroF 2151 and VeiI SamG12. Source is a ms. of the score Mus. 2463-O-4, Digitale Bibliothek SLUB, Dresden. The ancient owner of the score was Johann Georg Pisendel. The Concerto was digitized in the project „Instrumentalmusik der Dresdner Hofkapelle“.

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The source of the two sonatas is the manuscript of the score, digital collection ESM – Sibley Music Library, Musical Scores, University of Rochester Libraries. Reference and caption title: “Manuscript; various hands. Sibley Music Library accession no.: 406133.7 Di Giuseppe St. Martini. Sonatas à oboè solo con il basso. 18 sonatas à fluta traversier con il basso. 1 sonata à solo con il basso. Sonata à violino solo.

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