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Sonates en trio II & IV pour la Flûte traversière [Livre III]

The source of the two Sonatas is the edition by Christophe Ballard in three books of parts (1707). Caption title: "Troisième Livre des Trio, / pour les Violons, Flutes et Hautbois / Par Monsieur DE LA BARRE ... / mélez de sonates pour la Flute traversiere, / M.DCCVII.“, digital library Gallica, BNF, Paris.
Sample page — 244x
Monday, March 25, 2019
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Dear Mario, Many thanks for editing this music. In your editorial notes you say that the bass part would substitute tenor clef for alto clef as necessary. However, when I printed out parts - the bass part still has the high passages in alto rather than tenor clef - fine for gamba players - but not so good for cellists. BW Michael

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