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Concerto per Violino, Organo e Oboe [RV 554]

Source of Concerto RV 554 is the autograph ms. of the score, Fondo Foà, Volume 29 (p. 255r-276v), Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, Torino. Caption title, upper side: „ Con[cer]to p[er] Viol[in]o Organo et Hautbois / ò pure 2 Violini et Hautbois / del Vivaldi “, and, lower side: “Vio[loncel]lo Questo Bas: Volendo cambiare l’Oboè in Violoncello”. The scripts suggest alternative combination of concertante instruments: with a second violin in place of organ and/or with cello in place of oboe.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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Very nice edition of this piece! There are some flaws to, though. The most important ones are the missing Cello solos in bars 67 to 80 in the first movement and in the 3rd movement from bar 47 to 54 and from bar 86 to 90. These parts are not notated in the Cello solo voice of Vivaldi's manuscript. But it's obvious, that the cello has to take over the Oboe solo - the passage misses all sense if not... see this recording with the images of Vivaldi's manuscript: There are some more problems in the partition. Should I give you details via comment or do you prefer a mail? Thanks for your work - looking forward to your answer as I'm planning a concert with this work by the end of September...

Many thanks to Richard for notifying publication defects, which I corrected immediately. The oboe part has been included in the score (third movement), but I didn't find missing notes in the cello part (score and parts). Printing problems?

Great to see this wonderful piece transcribed, thank you. Just noticed as well that the oboe part is missing in the score's third movement and part of the cello solo is missing in the first movement. This error doesn't appear to have affected the parts which have everything.