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Sonata I en quatuor - "Conversations galantes et amusantes“ [Oeuvre XII]

The source is a printed edition of separate parts available at Gallica, BNF, Paris. Caption title: “Six sonates en quatuors ou Conversations galantes et amusantes entre une flutte traversière un violon, une basse de viole et la basse continue... Oeuvre XIIe. Gravez par Mlle Bertin.... 1743”.
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Friday, May 6, 2016
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Version 1.0

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Yes, it is a rondo. The first Da Capo is not an error. Its meaning is that after d16-+ cis(d8) the first theme has to be played.

We found it difficult to navigate this mvt. Is it a rondo? Or is the first da capo an error and needs deleting (our preference). It might be clearer of it was at the end of a bar rather than the beginning. Lovely music though. Bw Shaun