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Sonata in Do maggiore per Flauto traverso, Violino, Viola e Basso [CSWV Dm:10]

The present edition is a transcription from separate parts (SA 3543, Rism Id no. 469354300), online available at the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin, Notenarchiv (D-Bsa). Caption title: “| SONATA in C [natural]: a | Quatuor. Strom: | [later: "colla Fuga"] | [incipit] | Flauto: Trav: | Violino | Viola. | e | Basso Continuo: | Dell Sigr Kirnberg. [later by second hand: "Schaffrath:"].“
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Monday, May 2, 2016
Release notes: 
Version 1.1

News & Comments

Version 1.1, published on September 4, 2016, corrects a transcription error: II° mov., violin part, bar 25, the last semiquavers are dbdb. Many thanks to Shaun Marten for notification.

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