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Sonata da Camera a 4 [n. 1 Op. I ]

Source is a manuscript of separate parts, Giedde's Collection (Gieddes Samling IV,5 mu 6212.1628), Copenhagen University Library. Caption title: “Suonata da Camera Ima a 4 Strom/I Flauto Traverso/I Oboe/I Viola di Braccio con Basso di Janitsch... A Berlino, 1760. Presso Giorgio Ludovico Winter”.
Sample page — 136x
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Release notes: 
Version 2.0 with continuo realization by E. Sparago

News & Comments

Publication of version 2.0 with continuo realization by Ernesto Sparago.

I regret you stopped editing midi files. They were very useful. I hope you will edit them again soon. Congratulations for your site

I have been obliged to stop publishing midi files, since someone generates unapproved derivative editions obtained from midi files, without any mention to the editor effort.

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