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Sinfonie I & II - Opera I

The sources of Sinfonia I in F major and of Sinfonia II in A major are: 1) the printed edition of parts with title: “Sei sinfonie a due violini, alto viola e basso ... opera prima [Paris, Petit; Guersan; Vernadez; Bayart; Mlle Castagnery (gravé par M. Petit)]”, Paris, (Paris, (F-Pn)), RISM ID no.: 990012717; 2) Critical edition (with some mistakes) of the six Symphonies edited by Alberto Zanotelli bertoZanotelli; 3) manuscript of parts of Sinfonia II, Dresden, (D-Dl), Mus.2711-N-3b, RISM ID no.: 212001651.
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Monday, February 12, 2024
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