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Sei Canzoni per sonare con ogni sorte di Stromenti [Venezia, 1608]

Source is a printed edition of separate parts by Alessandro Raverij, Venezia, 1608: “CANZONI PER / SONARE CON OGNI / SORTE DI STROMENTI / A Quattro, Cinque, & Otto, / Con il suo Basso generale per l’Organo, / Novamente raccolte da diversi Eccellentissimi / Musici, & date in luce. / LIBRO PRIMO / … / IN VENETIA, / Appresso Alessandro Raverij. M.D.CVIII.”, available in digital format at BSB, München
Score first page — 393x
Thursday, November 29, 2012
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News & Comments

Canzona 1 bar 57 has a repeat sign to go back which doesn’t make sense with parts or harmony. Think this should be deleted. The repeat sign at the beginning of the next bar is fine. Shaun

Canzona 1 bar 27 tenor ...must be a b natural Bw Shaun

Many thanks for notification of a transcription mistake (bar 27 - Tenor part). Regarding repeat bars they are in the ancient edition.