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Recordare per Contralto, Tenore, Chalumeau, Violino e Basso dal Requiem [ZWV Z 46]

The sources are: a) autograph manuscript of the score (Mus.2358-D-81,2, RISM ID no.: 212006046); b) separate parts (Mus.2358-D-81,10, RISM ID no.: 212006051), from Dies irae, included in Requiem in D major ZWV Z 46, Digital Collection, SLUB, Dresden.
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Friday, December 30, 2016
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Version 1.0

News & Comments

I've corrected the cover: Contralto instead of Soprano! Thanhs to Judit Rajk for notification.

Thank you for sharing with us this lovely duet (featuring the chalumeau) from the Requiem in D major.