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Ouverture & Suite in C major [TWV 55:C7]

Source of Overture in C major TWV 55:D7 is a ms. of parts Mus.2392-N-2, available at SLUB Dresden, Digitale Bibliothek, RISM ID No. 210000299. The woodwind parts are ripieno of the Violino I/II and Violone/Cembalo parts.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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If the ancient score is in the public domain I'll include this piece in my transcription list.

Your web site is extremely useful to our group in Portsmouth, England. However, I would like to see the parts of C P E Bach's 'Hamburg' Sinfonies (Wq 182) made available as they are such exciting pieces to listen to and, therefore, must be to play. Keep up the good work!