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Le Carnaval de Venise - Suite

The main source is a ms. of the score in 5-6 parts, by atelier Philidor. Another source is a printed edition of the score in 2-3 parts, edited by Christophe Ballard, 1699. Caption ti- tle: “LE CARNAVAL / DE VENISE, / BALLET. / MIS EN MUSIQUE, / Par M. CAMPRA le Cadet. / ...”. Both sources are available at Gallica, BNF, Paris. The Suite includes nine instrumental pieces from the Italian opera ”Orfeo nell'Inferi Opera Regia / Di Plutone” and from the last scene.
Sample — 209x
Monday, December 10, 2007
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Version 2.0

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<div class="page" title="Page 22"><div class="layoutArea"><div class="column"><p><span style="font-size: 12.000000pt; font-family: 'LucidaBright'">Version 1.0 was published in two parts on December 10, 14, 2007. Version 2.0, with some bass figures, ornaments, trios in Chaconne and with a new editorial format, has been published on December 17, 2014. </span></p></div></div></div>