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Die Kunst der Fuge [1-6] BWV 1080

Source is the posthumous edition (1751) of „Die Kunst der Fuge“ [BWV 1080], available in the digital collection of Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen. Also, the 1878 edition of Bach-Gesellschaft zu Leipzig (Band 25.1, editor Wilhelm Rust) has been consulted, since it takes into account corrections of Bach himself on the first version of printed edition and the autograph ms. Corrections from Band 25.1 are marked in brackets or with dashed lines.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Release notes: 
Version 1.0 has been published on April 21, 2009. Version 1.5, which corrects some transcription errors and has a better editorial format, has been published on May 1, 2013.

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Publication of Die Kunst der Fuge in three parts with a uniform editorial format: version 1.5 of numbers 1-6, correcting some transcription errors and with a better editorial format (previous version 1.0 was published on April 21, 2009); version 1.0 of numbers 7-16 was published on September 6, 2010; version 1.0 of numbers 17-24, previously published on October 11, 2009.