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Demofoonte: Ouverture [1749]

Source of Concerto is the ms. of score Ms n. DM90133200810, Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella, Napoli. Caption title: Demofoonte, / Opera in tre atti, Poesia di Metastasio / [other hand] Overtur[e] a piu Strumenti / Del Baldassar Galuppi detto il Buranello”.
Sample — 385x
Sunday, August 26, 2007
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It is most unusual to see horn parts in the alto clef - is there some justification for this usage? [Normally one would expect to find them written up a major 7th in C major in the treble clef for horns in D] The viola part, also unusually, spends a couple of bars [unnecessarily] in the bass clef - is this intentional?

Thanks you for the explanation! For any horn-players who prefer to read from standard horn in D parts, just print as they are and mentally or physically cut off the clef and key-signature - the note-heads are already in the right places for treble-clef horn in D.

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