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Concerto per Violino, archi e Basso [RV 275]

The source of Concerto RV 275 is the printed edition of parts, Le Cène, Amsterdam, c. 1730: “CONCERTI A CINQUE / Con Violini, Oboè, Violetta, Violoncello / e Basso Continuo / Del (!) Signori / G. Valentini, A. Vivaldi, T. Albinoni, / F. M. Veracini, G. S.t Martin, / A. Marcello, G. Rampin, A. Predieri / Libro Secondo / A Amsterdam / Chez / Michel Charles Le Céne Libraire / N.o 433”. This concerto is an early opus preceding „Estro Armonico“ (1711). The first publication of it is in J. Roger "Concerti a Cinque" (Amsterdam 1717). Note that a copy of this concert, with a different second movement (RV 275a), in possession of Christoph Graupner, indicates the first part as "Violino Principale o Traversa". In fact, in the two outer movements, the part does not contain chords and uses the extension d1-e3 (with one exception in Tutti of the first movement) and may have been written for the flute rather than for the violin. This notice is reported in "The Scoring of Baroque Concertos, Richard Maunder, C. R. F. Maunder".
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