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Concerto in Re maggiore a 2 Flauti traversieri / Violini, 2 Dessus, Viola, Calchedon / Fagotto e Basso [TWV 53: D1]

Sources of Concerto in D major TWV 53:D1 are: the autograph ms. of the score, Mus2392-O-18, SLUB Dresden, RISM ID no. 210000291, and a ms. of separate parts, Mus Ms 1033-72, RISM ID no. 450002994, available at Digitale Sammlungen, ULB Darmstadt.
Sample — 207x
Friday, January 18, 2013
Release notes: 
Version 2.0 has been completed on January 18, 2013. It presents a new editorial format, corrects some errors and includes bass figures from the Darmstadt ms. Previous version 1.4 was completed on September 21, 2008.