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Concerto per Oboe in re minore con 2 Violini, Viola e Basso

The source of The Oboe Concerto is a 1716 printed edition published by Jeanne Roger on 1716 with the title “Concerti a Cinque / Con Violini, Oboè, Violetta, Violoncello / e Basso Continuo” by various authors. The Concerto was transcribed for cembalo by J. S. Bach (BWV 974). The Amsterdam edition is available on Utile Dulci database, Stockholm Royal LIbrary.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011
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Version 1.1

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Version 1.0 was published on July 17, 2011. Version 1.1, correcting a transcription mistake (Adagio, Viola, bar 40, 1st and 2nd notes: bes instead of b natural), and with a revised editorial format, was published on May 15, 2016. Many thanks to Bob Tennent for notification.