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Concerto per Flauto Traverso in Re maggiore

Source of Concerto in D is a ms. of separate parts available at Giedde’s Collection, Copenhagen Royal Library. Caption title: “Concerto / â / Flauto Traverso / Violino 1mo / Violino 2do / Viola / & / Basso% Del Sigr: Scheibe”.
Sample — 361x
Thursday, November 23, 2006
Release notes: 
Version 2.0

News & Comments

Christian Mondrup writes "I noticed that you've forgot the Da Capo mark at the end of the final movement". Right! The Scheibe’s Concerto was among the first my transcriptions with LilyPond (2006!). Sooner or later there will be a revised version (anyway I’ll take care of Christian's advice).

Version 2.0 of this Concerto, presenting, in a new editorial format, the version 1.0, previously published on November 23, 2006, was published on September 24, 2014.