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Concerto di Parigi n. 5 [RV 114] e Concerto per Violino [RV 390]

The source of the “Concerto di Parigi” RV 114 is the transcription by G: F. Malipiero, published by Ricordi, Milano, 1982.The source of the Concerto RV 390 is the autograph of the score, Biblioteca nazionale universitaria - Torino: identifier: TO0265_FOA_31. I consulted the transcription by G. F. Malipiero, Ricordi, Milano, 1953. The Ricordi edition is an arrangement by Malipiero very close to the original. I attempted to publish the original version in four parts. All sources are almost flawless. The string parts in bass clef were transcribed in violin clef. All other suggestions of the editor are in parentheses. In cover there is a copy of the first page of Concerto RV 390.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023
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