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Concerto con molti strumenti RV 574 (version 3.0, dal manoscritto autografo)

The source of this edition 3.0 of the Concerto RV 574 is the autograph of the score, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, Torino, identifier: TO0265_GIORDANO_31.  The second and third movements have many differences from the version arranged by Pisendel (see version 2.0 already published). In particular, some solos of the third movement have been crossed out by the author, but they are legible and therefore I have transcribed them with suitable warnings. In addition, Pisendel's version contains a principal violin solo which does not exist in the autograph and which has not been transcribed in this edition. Any other suggestions from the editor are in parentheses.
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Sunday, April 30, 2023
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Version 3.0