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Concerto a 6 per Flauto dolce e Fagotto, con 2 Violini, Viola e Basso TWV [52: F1]

Source of Concerto in F TWV 52: F1 is the manuscript of the score, Mus Ms 1033-32, available at Digitale Sammlungen, ULB Darmstadt.
Score first page — 286x
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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Version 1.0

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Thanks Christopher for your comment. This is an urtext transcription. Please consider that the score is notated in the french clef, while the part uses the current violin clef. I admit that the recorder part is quite difficult to play, but this is Telemann!

THANK YOU for all your work! Please know the Flauto dolce *part* is notated at the extreme (if not impossible) range of the alto recorder. It would be great to have this part available written an octave down, with a /treble^8/ clef. Recorder players should note that the part does go as low as Bb, so a soprano in Bb —the very uncommon "fourth flute"— might be what is/was called for... and fits the music comfortably. Please note that importing the accompanying MIDI files into Sibelius reveals that the top line therein is in fact notated at the correct octave & notation for "Descant recorder" (i.e. soprano).