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Cantata "Kindly fate at length release me” [n. V – Book 2, ca. 1720]

Source of Cantata n. V Book 2. “Kindly fate at length release me” is a printed edition of a collection of 6 cantatas published by J. Walsh, London n.d. (ca. 1720), München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (D-Mbs), Rism A/I: P 1244; PP 1244. Title on source: “Six English cantatas for one voice, four for a flute and two with a trumpet and other instruments ... book ye second (Love frowns in beauteous Myra's eyes; Sure time and love are both asleep; O love, thou know'st my anguish; Beware my Thyrsis; Kindly fate at length release me; How long, unhappy isle, shall civil jars annoy thee).”
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