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Tartini, Giuseppe (1692 - 1770)

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Source is a recent transcription ms. by Carlo Barato, Viola in the Orchestra Teatro alla Scala, Milano, online available at Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP). The original source is an autograph ms. available at Biblioteca Barberiniana Manuscripts (BBR), Roma. The modern ms., in the first page, includes the RISM reference to the ancient manuscript. The available source includes duplications and pages in erroneous sequence.

Version 1.1
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The source is a printed edition by Marescalchi, Napoli [c. 1750], available at Petrucci Music Library, No. 03790. Caption title “L'ARTE DELL'ARCO / O SIANO / CINQUANTA VARIAZIONI / PER VIOLINO, E SEMPRE COLLO STESSO BASSO / COMPOSTE DAL SIG.R GIUSEPPE TARTINI / SOPRA ALLA PIU' BELLA GAVOTTA DEL CORELLI OPERA V / IN NAPOLI / Appresso Luigi Marescalchi... /”.

Version 1.0 with a revised editorial format.