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Graun, Carl Heinrich (1704 - 1759)

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The source od “Concerto” in C minor [GraunWV Bv:XIII:50] is a manuscript of parts, Darmstadt, (Darmstadt, (D-DS)), 353/4, RISM ID no.: 45000321. Title: “Concerto. | per il | Cembalo obligato. | 2. Violini. | Viola et | Basso. | del Signore | Graun.”.

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The source od “Sestetto” in G major [GraunWV Bv:XIV:18] is a manuscript of parts, Berlin, (D-Bsa) SA 3305, Rism id no.: 469330500. Title: “Sestetto: in: G:major | â | [incipit] | [2 lines bracketed:] Flauto Trav: Imo | Flauto Trav IIdo | 2. Violini Obti | Viola | e | Basso Cont: | Dell Sigr: Graun jun | 10”.


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Source of “Concerto grosso a 8 strumenti” in G major WilG 35 is the manuscript of separate parts, 8269/1, RISM ID no. 452019421, available at Digitalisierte Sam­mlungen der SBB, Berlin.

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The source of Trio GWV C 15,82 by Carl Heinrich Graun is a ms. of separate parts available online at SLUB, Dresden. The Trio is also attributed to the brother Johann Gottlieb or to Klinkenek (Kleinknecht?).

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