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Sinfonia e Ouverture da "La Sena Festeggiante" [RV 693, 1726]

The source is ms. of the score BNU_20741, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, Torino. Cover page of the first part: „Parte Prima / La Sena Festeggiante / Serenata à 3 Voci / con Istrom.ti / Poesia Del Sig.r Lalli / Musica / del Sig.r D. Antonio Vivaldi Maestro di Capella / Di S.A.S. Il Sig.r Filippo Langravio / D'Hassia d'Armistath (sic) etc. etc. / Sinfonia“. Cover page of the second part: “La Sena Ouvertur[e] Parte Seconda”. The Serenata [RV 693] was dedicated to the king of France and had its first representation in Venice on November 4, 1726.
Sample — 353x
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Release notes: 
Version 2.0, which includes first and second part in the same score and presents a new editorial format, was published on August 28, 2013.

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<p>Publication of version 2.0 of the two pieces, unified in the same score and with a new editorial format.</p>