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O magnum mysterium ZWV 171 per Contralto, 2 Flauti, 2 Violini, Viola, Fagotto e Basso [1728]

Main source of Mottetto ZWV 171 (1728) is the autograph ms. of parts (Mus.2358-E-501a, RISM ID no. 211011137) entitled: "[cover title, by Zelenka:] #1 L. G. C. | Mottetto à Contralto solo. | Violini 2 | Flauti Traversi 2 | Viola | e | Basso Continuo. | di | G: D: Z. [cover, label, by Uhle:] Lit: Schranck No: III. | [red ink:] Z. [black ink:] 13. Fach 16. Lage | [red ink:] No: 2) Motetto | Pro Nativitate Domini | O magnum Mysterium | [black ink:] a` Contr'alto Solo | co' VVni Viola, Flauti ed Org. | Partitura e parti | del Sigr Zelenka | [Incipit]". A second source ([p.1, at head right:] "Motetto pro Nativitate" - Mus. 2358-E-501, RISM ID no. 211011136) is a ms. of the score without the flute parts and with a few differences with respect the first source.
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