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Les Indes Galantes - Suite

Source of this edition is Tome VII, Œuvres Complètes di Rameau, edited by Paul Dukas, under the direction of C. Saint Säens, A. Durand, Paris, 1902. The source is online available at International Music Library Project. Paul Dukas (see preface of 1902 edition) examined a variety of handwritten and printed sources, facing many problems in the attempt of restoring the original integrity of Rameau opus. A number of these various sources, often variants written by Rameau himself or by other copyists, are collected in Appendix and Supplements of the Durand edition. In fact, despite the great success of „Les Indes galantes“, the opus was only printed in an arrangement of four cembalo concerts.
Sample — 659x
Thursday, January 29, 2009
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Version 2.1

News & Comments

Publication of version 2.2, correcting a transcription mistake. Chaconne, Bass and Bassoon, bars 110 and 114 d g d g instead of d e d e. Tankks to Piero San Martini for notification.

Publication of version 2.1, correcting a transcription mistake: Chaconne, 1st violin, bars 97-100 same as bars 88-91,

<p>Version 1.0 was published on January 29, 2009. Version 2.0, published on September 7, 2013, presents a completely revised editorial format.</p>