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Concerto Primo Op. II per 2 Violini / Flauti / Oboi e Basso

Sources of Concerto Primo Opera II are: ms Gieddes Samling III,31 mu 6212.0337, The Royal Library, Copenhagen and a printed edition “Six simphonies en trio d'un goust nouveau pour les violons, flutes et haubois composées par Mr N. Porpora. Opera seconda”, [Paris, ca 1737], Gallica, BNF, Paris. In case of difference between the two sources the present edition follows the printed version.
Sample — 337x
Sunday, August 26, 2012
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Version 2.0

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Version 1.0, based on the Copenhagen ms., was published on November 28, 2007. Version 2.0, with a new editorial format and a complete revision based on the printed edition, has been completed on August 26, 2012. A new revision of this last version has been published on March 4, 2014.