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Concerto per il Flauto solo in Re maggiore

Source for “Concerto per Flauto solo” in D major is a ms. from Musik-och teaterbiblioteket, Stockholm, RISM ID no. 190023528.
Sample — 417x
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
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Version 1.0 with a revised editorial format.

News & Comments

Also just noted than in movement 2 bar 19 second beat that the first semiquaver is a minor second between fl and violins when this is a unison passage. It would sound odd but pass quickly. Not had chance to play through with strings but am learning the two Pergolasi concerti properly as another lock down project. Keep safeShaun

Hi I tried to check the source but could not access online. First movement bar 20 6th semiquaver must be c# to fit with sequence and harmony. Also final movement bar 18 sounds very strange with the repeated note across the barline...unaccompanied so no harmony to help check if right. BW Shaun