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Concerto per Flauto traverso [RV 783]

Source of Concerto RV 783 is a manuscript of parts, Mus. 349/16, Landesbibliothek, Meklenburg-Ver­pom­mern Günther Uecker, Musikaliensammlung (D-SWl), Schwerin, DE, RISM ID no.: 240001502.
Sample page — 339x
Friday, November 9, 2018
Release notes: 
Version 1.3 correcting mistakes in 1st movement, violino II part.

News & Comments

Publication of version 1.3, correcting mistakes in violino II part: 1st movement, bars 9-13 and 74-78. Many Thanks to Vittorio Prandini for notification.

Publication of version 1.2, correcting mistakes in flute part: third movement, bars 48 and 49. Many Thanks to Ludovico Allegro for notification.

Publication of version 1.1 correcting transcription mistakes in third movement: flute, bar 66, g8 \grace fis e4., bar 68, fis8 \grace e d4; viola, bar 32, a rest d rest; bass, bar 32, d4 d, bar 54, cis d gis e. Many thanks to Roberto Allegro for notification.