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Concerto a due Flauti Traversi con, Viole, Clarinetti, Fagotti, Corni e basso [version 3.0]

The source for this new edition is the autograph of the score, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella - Napoli - IT-NA0059, signature: 18.3.3/1, identifier: IT\ICCU\MSM\0086666. Caption title: “Concerto a due Flauti Traversi / Con, Viole, Clarinetti, Fagotti, Corni, e Basso / Composto Espressam.te / Dal Sig.r Cimarosa per la / Camera di S.E. Esterasi Ambasciatore / Di S.M. Imperiale presso la / Corte di Napoli / nel 1793”. Horns and clarinets have not been transposed in the score, as they are in the autograph, but only in separate parts The grace notes are often ambiguous. When in doubt, the editor used the upper note. Also, dynamic notation is sometimes obscure, where the autograph is difficult to read. Slurs and ties are clearly notated only in the main parts and often ignored in the secondary parts. In general, the manuscript was transcribed with the utmost respect for the original, but the synthetic notation often used by Cimarosa has been fixed for ease of execution. The fragments of Viola part in bass clef have been transcribed an octave higher using the alto clef. All suggestions of the editor regarding accidentals, wrong notes and ornaments are in parentheses.
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Thursday, May 4, 2023
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Version 3.0

News & Comments

Clarinets transposed parts replaced... this version should be correct... I apologize for my inexperience with transposing instruments.

New publication of parts for transposing instruments.

Revision completed, Transposed parts of horns and clarinets replaced.

Score and parts of horns and clarinets are under revision