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6 Sonate a tre e a due per Flauti, Violini e Basso [1707]

The edition collects five trios and a duo, previously published as separate editions: I. Suite en G ré sol Bémol; II. Suite en D la ré; III. Suite en C sol ut; IV.Suite en F ut fa; V. Suite en C sol ut Bémol; VI. Suite en C sol ut Bémol et Bécarre. The source is a printed edition by C. Ballard, Paris, 1707, online available at Gallica, BNF, Paris. Caption title:” Symphonies de feu Mr Gaultier de Marseille ; divisées par suites de tons”.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
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Version 2.0

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<p>Publication of version 2.0 of the six sonatas, previously published as separate editions. The new edition corrects some transcription errors and presents a completely revised editorial format. Score is in french clef, according to the 1707 edition, while separate parts use violin clef.</p>